Wednesday Nights - 6:30p-8:00p

Creating lifelong disciples of Jesus who love the Word of God, pray boldly, and live faithfully as salt and light in the world

  1. Effectively teach important truths about God to boys and girls through meaningful, motivational, and memorable learning experiences. 
  2. Define and refine the minimum standard of Christian knowledge that boys and girls ought to have in order to avoid confusion, discourage hypocrisy, and promote authentic faith.
  3. Utilize a tried-and-true, effective method by which we fortify young hearts and minds with doctrine.
  4. Motivate and equip local churches, families, and individuals to become effective communicators of Biblical truth to children.
  5. We want boys and girls to know both what they believe and why they believe it.
  • Students PreK - 12th grade are divided into age appropriate groups
  • Students all receive workbooks* with 2 questions and 2 scripture verses to memorize in preparation for Wednesday nights.
  • Large group time will help to flesh out what the children have learned and committed to memory throughout the week.
  • Small group time is an opportunity for students to rehearse their memory work with teachers, ask questions, and earn K4T Cash to spend at the K4T store twice a year.
  • Game time will involve games geared toward reviewing and reinforcing what the students have learned, not only for that Wednesday night, but for all previous weeks as well.

*If it's your visit with us on Wednesday night, be sure to get a starter book, and we will get a full workbook for you with our next order.